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 "Peacock's Roost"

A Peacock in CT.

    Hi, I am "Peacock"
Charles Edward Donaldson

  I was born on 19, April, 1948; in New Haven, New Haven (County), CT., USA. Soon
there-after, we moved to Oregon.  My Grandfather Reynolds stilled lived in Hamden, CT.;
so we would travel back to the east coast for the 'Thanks Giving through New Years' holidays every year.  At about the time that I started school, we moved back to CT. We lived on The
East Coast until I was 16 years old when we moved back to Oregon.  I have been in every State of the USA except Hawaii.  Much of them I went through when I was real young, I have not revisited many of the states since I've graduated from High School.
       I believe in the:  "Fatherhood and God-hood" of God The Father; the One, True, and Living, God.  I believe in the "Kingship" and "LORDship" of God The Son, my LORD and Savior Jesus Christ.  I believe in the Person and Station of The Comforter, God The Holy Spirit.  I believe that God (the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob) has in the past; does now; and will forever; intervene in, and shapes, the flow of human life and history, on a personal, national, global, and universal level.  I believe that God has a current and active purpose for Mankind's journey through this 'mortal' life; and that we need our  mortal experiences to build and enhance our spiritual personality, which is eternal in nature. "... I believe in 'God the Father'; 'God the Son'; and God the Holy Spirit. I believe in the "Church Universal"; the 'Communion of the Saints'; the 'fellowship of believers'; and in the 'life everlasting'. ..."   I praise God for giving me my life, and for parents who taught me to value that life.  I praise God that I have been able to acknowledge and accept His mercies which He tought us throught His live; His salvation, which He paid for with His death; and His redemption, which He provided for in His resurrection. As foretold in the Old Testament and Apocrypha; and as recorded in the New Testament. I also believe that, even though God wants all of mankind to receive His gifts and salvation, they can only be accepted indiviually. Each person must accept Christ for themself. That is what I believe.

Long John

    I went to "The Great Land"; Alaska; in 1972 and stayed there until late in 1986.  I first went to work in the Crab canneries in Unalaska, AK..  While there I found out King Crab teeth & "Crab Pearls", and how to make them into jewelry.  Before I went to Israel in early '74 I had recovered & cleaned over 2,000 King Crab teeth and about 80 Crab Pearls.  Then I thought that would last for years. By mid '75 I had sold (very little), traded, or gave away all of what I had collected.  I always thought that I would get back to the canneries to get more supplies; but it never did. I did do a few months on a floating shrimp processor to get my way back to AK. paid for. Then I 'hitched' a ride on a Crab boat back to Port Wakefield on Kodiak Island, and caught the fairy back to the main-land from the city of Kodiak.

      That started another 'page' in the wonders adventure called life. I experienced the full on-slaught of the time disorienting event called "The Mid-night Sun".  It is totally disorienting to for all times am. and pm. to be brightly sun light.  Digital AM./PM. watches were not so common then, I camped all that summer and after going to sleep in the campground I would wake up and not know if it was xx:xx in the am. or xx:xx in the pm..  That was wearied!!; but I loved every minute. I spent most of the next few years on the Trans-Alaska Pipeline (TAP); camping; running from bear, moma moose; cougar, and wolverine, even nesting gauls. (I'll take the bear over the moose & wolverine any day.)  It was in Alaska where I was first bit by the "Gold Bug" and got the "fever".  I did not get to do much gold hunting in Alaska; but I did get to see some of the most beautiful private collections of gold flakes & nuggets I know of. Some nuggets were so big that you could not put both hands around then and make your fingers come together.  Those were also very heavy.  So far I have not yet found a nugget of my own.


        In 1986 I moved back to Oregon and married my wife, Violet Ann Rose (now Violet Ann Rose Donaldson). We dated before I went to Alaska.  In '87 we bought our home (5 ac. in the woods).  Violet adopted our daughter Kayreen; as a single parent; while I was still in Alaska, before we got married.  We have all built a life and family together over the years since '87.  We all love the outdoors, and love to travel.  In the past years we bought a small gold claim where we often camp and share with friends.  We have had many school, youth, scout, and church groups out to camp, hike, fish, and pan for gold on the claim.  It has been great fun, and a blessing from God.  We do the required work to satisfy the Federal Mining Law & Regulations, but; with my disabilities; I am limited in the 'gold hunting' I can do, so camping is a primary use of the claim.  We want the claim to remain as natural as the Federal agencies will allow, so our gold hunting is quite 'low tech'.

The Donaldson Coat Of Arms

    Both Violet and I, are working to uncover our family lines.  We & our Mothers are building our genealogies as well as we can, but we are having a lot of difficulty tracing the "DONALDSON" lines, and some of Violet's lines.

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